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Plans for the 67th Bal d'Hiver are well underway and we could not be more thrilled about this year's event! It will be held Friday, November 27th at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. We have 77 young ladies who will be members of the 2015 Court, and will be presented that evening. Included in the Court are 5 Pages, who will assist in the presentation, which will be followed by a scrumptious dinner and dancing to tunes by 14 Karat Gold. Best of all, the festivities will benefit three very worthy causes: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Family & Children's Service and Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.

We are grateful to our many donors and supporters, as well as to our Committee for sharing their time and talents to make this an evening to remember. A schedule of events leading up to the Bal is included below. Please visit this site frequently for updates and additional information.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Bal d'Hiver. We appreciate your gifts and encouragement and look forward to introducing these extraordinary young women to the Nashville community.


Mary Lee Bartlett and Amy Colton
Vice President/Bal d'Hiver Chairs
615.305.3023      615.476.3040

Vice President/Bal d’Hiver Chairs

Brief History of Bal d'Hiver

In an ever-changing world, traditions are still a treasure. The Bal d'Hiver, the oldest charity ball in Nashville, is one of those traditions. The Bal d'Hiver was created to recognize women, not just Thetas. Beginning with the first Bal in 1947, the Kappa Alpha Theta Nashville Alumnae Chapter has presented exceptional young women to the Nashville community. This year, 69 lovely and accomplished college seniors were presented. These women have made their mark and will continue to make a difference in the communities in which they choose to live. They are the future and will impact our world in ways the careers they choose, the families they raise and places they travel.

As Nashville has transformed since 1947, so has the Bal d'Hiver. No longer is this our grandmothers' introduction to Nashville society. This year, the women were connected with mentors within the Theta community. The Nashville Theta Alumnae Chapter has invited the court to be a part of its Linked-in group. The ability for these young women to network with Nashville Thetas has already landed a few of these young women some impressive jobs.

The 2014 Bal d'Hiver was chaired by Irwin Edwards Fisher and Anne Horsley Riegle and our honorary chair was Jane Buchanan Corcoran. The countless hours and months of planning made this evening simply magical with so many special moments. Janie Hannon had 3 generations of Thetas to watch her be presented. Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all Thetas at Vanderbilt. Carolyn Fisher is a third generation Vanderbilt Theta. Her mother, Irwin Fisher, co-chair of the Bal d'Hiver, and her grandmother were present. Amy Grant, a Vanderbilt Theta and a renowned entertainer with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, emceed the event. Amy had the pleasure of introducing her own daughter, Sarah Cannon Chapman, who was presented by her stepfather, Vince Gill.

Four hundred and fifty people were in attendance at the 2014 Bal, held over Thanksgiving weekend. Since its inception, over 5 million dollars has been raised and distributed to charitable organizations. Traditionally, proceeds from the Bal d'Hiver allow us to donate over $100,000 each year to three philanthropies that are near and dear to the Nashville Theta Alumnae: the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation, CASA, and Family & Children's Service. It is believed that the Nashville Theta Alumnae and Family & Children's Service have the longest charitable relationship in Nashville, as that relationship began with the first Bal d'Hiver.

We are honored and humbled to be able to carry on this amazing tradition started 67 years ago, not only for the young women being presented but to be able to give back, support and make a difference to our community, as well as provide leadership and scholarship opportunities through the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.

Written by the Nashville Theta Alumnae Chapter

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2015 Bal d'Hiver Events

Bal d'Hiver Chairs, Date, and Location 2015 Bal d'Hiver Court Court Pages
Important Downloadable Information Other Bal d'Hiver Events Bal d'Hiver Tickets
Beneficiaries   Donation Opportunities

Bal d'Hiver 2015

Bal Chairs: Mary Lee Gibson Bartlett (Mrs. Steven Bomar Bartlett)
Amy Pryor Colton (Mrs. Jesse Overton Colton)
Honorary Chair: Sarah Ann Dickinson Ezzell (Mrs. James Battle Ezzell)

Bal d'Hiver 2015

Date: Friday, November 27, 2015, 6 p.m.
Location: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

SIX O'CLOCK: Cocktails and Family Photos
SEVEN O'CLOCK: Presentation of the 2015 Bal d'Hiver Court and Pages
NINE-THIRTY: Dancing to 14 Karat Gold

Court – 2015

Nayla Antypas
Emily Barnes
Kate Barnes
Lauren Barnett
Wrenne Bartlett
Sarah Baum
Carly Bowen
Grace Brown
Shelby Brown
Kat Caire
Lindsey Cherry
Katherine Cochran
Mary Elizabeth Colton
Andrea Cropper
Frances Dean
Caroline Deaton
Emily Decker
Emma Dedman
Jan DeLozier
Ellen DeWitt
Erin Dixon
Madeline Dozier
Kathleen Drummond
Elizabeth Elcan
Callie Estes
Ellie Fike
Halley Froeb
Katie Fry
Laura Gideon
Natalie Gideon
Ashlin Hamilton
Mary Liza Hartong
Mary Graham Harvey
Caroline Hawkins
Taylor Heinze
Jenni Higgins
Virginia Hite
Lizzie Hogan
Kristen Hollis

Kate Hooper
Candler Huddleston
Grace Huddleston
Becca Jacques
Megan Jarratt
Claire Johnson
Mamie Joyce
Margo Kaestner
Jane Claire Kimbrough
Lindsey Landrum
Ali Little
Meredith Manning
Campbell Markham
Natalie May
Margaret McDowell
Miller Morris
Natalie Mulloy
Gigi Nash
Kendall Oxford
Blair Perdue
Erin Puryear
Mattie Rich
Allison Richter
Abigail Rodgers
Katherine Rollins
Sarah Riley Saint
Carlyle Scarola
Madison Shankle
Ella Sharpe
Keely Shearer
Lacy Smith
Emily Smith
Gracia Sohr
Sydney Solarek
Gray Wallace
Nancy-Margaret Wehby
Kaitlin White
Meade Wills
Morgan Wilson
Alex Woodard

Pages – 2015
Jack Arnholt
Brooks Bearden
Mary Windham Johnston
Kate Laborde
Eleanor Yarbrough

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Important Information

Please click this link to the 2015 Guidebook.  
This provides important additional information regarding most questions
you may have regarding
* Alternate Dates for Program Photographs
* Important Deadlines
* Attire
* Hotel Room Availability at Loews, etc.  
Please take time to become familiar with all of this information

Information Form
To submit names of your escort, and names and addresses of those you wish to extend invitations to the Bal d'Hiver, click here.
The instructions for submitting the form are on page 2 of the form.

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Bal d'Hiver Tickets for 2015
$150 per person includes cocktails and presentation of 2015 Bal d'Hiver Court ONLY (no dinner or dancing) $150 per person includes cocktails and dancing to the 14K Gold Band (no presentation of the Court or dinner) $325 per person includes cocktails, presentation of 2015 Bal d'Hiver Court, dinner and dancing to 14K Gold Band


Friday September 25th
Deadlines for the Following:
*Program Photographs
*Court and Escort Information
*Bal d’Hiver Guest Invitation List Additions

Thursday, October 29th
Patrons’ Evening
Home of Vicki and Kerry McCluggage
1311 Chickering Road

Monday, November 16th
Loews Vanderbilt Guest Room Block Release Date

Friday, November 27th
10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon ~  MANDATORY Rehearsal of Court, Escorts, Pages, Fathers
at Loews Vanderbilt
6 p.m. ~ MANDATORY arrival of Court, Escorts, Pages, Fathers
Family photos taken from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.:  Presentation of the 2015 Court of the Bal d’Hiver
8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m ~ Dinner and Dancing

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See Kappa Alpha Theta Philanthropies

Since 1947, over five million dollars has been raised for current and past beneficiaries. Currently, on average $100,000-$150,000 is raised per year for the following organizations:

      • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
      • Family & Children's Service
      • Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation

Donation Opportunities

Proceeds from the event go to support Family & Children's Service, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation. 

Giving levels are as follows:
Golden Benefactor:        $5,000 +
Benefactor:                        $2,500 - $4,999
Grand Patron:                  $1,000 - $2,499
Patron:                              $350 - $999
Contributor:                     $25 - 349

If you would like to make a donation for the
2015 Bal d’Hiver Benefit, please CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for Past Bal d'Hiver Events & History

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